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Policies & Pricing

Custom Work Policies

The Maine Blacksmith's Guild is a collection of traditional Blacksmith Shops specializing

in custom ironwork ranging in styles from early Celtic times to late 19th Century. Our work

is inspired by Insular, Colonial, Gothic, Germanic & Scandinavian sources. We accept all
work large and small & guarantee our work to hold up for a generation.

Design & Artistic License

At the forge we can approach a project in three ways. The client can have an idea and
work with the blacksmith to sketch up a design. Second method, the client can have their own sketch or photos and ask the blacksmith to create or add to the overall design. Lastly the Client can come with professional architectural drawings with exact measurements and have the blacksmith create it. Artistic License is an option often utilized by clients looking for ironwork 
with no preference in ornamentation or detail so long as the item functions as intended. This option is always directly discussed at any design meeting. Samples photos, or hard small samples taking an hour or less to fabricate are made available at no cost. Requests for scale prototypes

taking more then an hour to fabricate will result in an additional charge.


The Maine Blacksmith's Guild uses block scheduling due to heavy demands on the shop
often resulting in a lengthy waiting list. Small work or work requiring less then 5 hours
of shop time can be added to the schedule without regard to normal wait times. Block
scheduling in our context means that part or all the time at present and near future is
occupied by previously scheduled work. It is important to remember any large delays in
materials, change orders, communication or inclement weather will impact scheduling
resulting in longer finish times. A payment/deposit is required to be added to the Schedule and
start work. A receipt & estimated finish time will be provided within 48 hours after
receiving the deposit. Plan ahead when thinking about commissioning the Guild, our wait

times vary from 8-45 weeks depending on the size of the project and time of year.

Quotes & Payments- Deposits/Milestones/Final Payment

All quotes are good for 30 days, anything beyond 30 days will need a new quote. Payment

or a 50% Deposit, if the work exceeds $2000, is required for all commissioned work to be scheduled.

The Deposit is a security for the sake of the Artisan and is used to cover initial
costs & materials. Due to the nature of the deposit, it is not refundable. If a client makes
vast changes in design or timetable after deposit is made, your deposit can be claimed by the Guild to cover losses to the business.
Any significant changes, work over an hour, will require a change order and a deposit
on the value of the change order to make necessary adjustments to shop schedule, labor,
tooling, materials, etc. For
milestone payments and change orders on jobs longer than 5 hours

a credit or bankcard will be kept on file and charged accordingly, until such work is complete.

If paying by check, the Deposit is not officially received until funds clear, next business day. Some Jobs will be divided into milestone payments depending on the workload.
Final outstanding payments are expected to be made/or will be charged upon pickup or delivery at agreed upon time. If the client is not satisfied with the finished work, all reasonable
efforts will be made to correct and change the work so there is satisfaction.


Shop rates are by the hour and rounded down when quoted. Payment due at time of Estimate.

Shop rate: $85/hour + Materials & Delivery
Rush Rate $135/hour + Materials & Delivery + 100% payment in full 

(Work required two weeks or less)
Travel/Admin time: $85/hour
On site forging or welding: $110/hour or $800 per day + Materials
(Certain permissions & permits costs may apply varying from town to town)

2 Hour Tutoring Lesson: $189 Paid in full to schedule, not refundable.

3 Hour Tutoring Lesson: $249 +Material Costs, Paid in full to schedule, not refundable.

4 Hour Tutoring Lesson: $289 +Material Costs, Paid in full to schedule, not refundable. 


Storage Fees: $30/day up to 180 days.(incurred 6 business days after no communication or pickup)
Other Fees will be incurred in situations involving bounced checks, chargebacks, bank fees related to such and additional office time incurred by administrative costs regarding aforementioned.
These costs are the responsibility by the Customer/Client, they must be paid immediately. If a Card is on file it will be 
charged accordingly, and an invoice will be sent. 

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