& Exhibitions

The Guild offers a few options when it comes to Demos and Exhibitions. From Schools & Historical Societies to Fairs & Rodeos, we do it all. We can host or come to you whichever you prefer. At our shops we can handle up to 25 people at a time or an infinite number with our portable setup.  For Shop Demonstrations we usually charge for the day unless if a group of 5 or less.



A guild shop demo with 5 or less $200, for an hour long show.

A guild shop demo with 6-25 $600, can do up to 3 hours depending on the needs of the client.

A portable blacksmithing exhibition in Maine or New Hampshire, $850, covers up to 6 hours of demonstrating with antique portable forges.

We also offer our portable blacksmithing exhibition anywhere in the United States, Canada & Europe. Please message for pricing.

If you are looking for an interactive demo where folks can bring something home we can accommodate but please message us for pricing on that service.

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