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& Exhibitions

The Guild offers a few options when it comes to Demos and Exhibitions. From Schools & Historical Societies to Fairs & Rodeos, we do it all. We can host or come to you whichever you prefer. At our shops we can handle up to 25 people at a time or an infinite number with our portable setup.  For Shop Demonstrations we usually charge for the day unless if a group of 5 or less.



A guild shop demonstration with 5 or less $200, for an hour long show.

A guild shop demonstration with 6-25 $600, can do up to 3 hours depending on the needs of the client.

A portable blacksmithing exhibition in Maine or New Hampshire, $850, covers up to 6 hours of demonstrating with antique portable forges.

We also offer our portable blacksmithing exhibition anywhere in the United States, Canada, Europe & South America. Please message for pricing.

If you are looking for an interactive demo where folks can bring something home, we can accommodate but please message us for pricing on that service.

Forging in Portland Maine, a tradition o
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