Forge under the Mountains

Forja sob as Montanhas


 Located on the Sunny beaches of Southern Brazil, Forge under the Mountains provides one of the most unique Blacksmithing experiences in the World.  Santa Catarina Brazil is where the Mountains meet the Sea. From beaches, to hiking through Atlantic Rainforest, to a healthy night life, Santa Catarina Island has something to offer everyone. To locals the Island is simply called "The Island of Magic"

 This package includes a two week stay in a studio apartment, shuttle service to and from the Airport and 8 days of blacksmithing and instruction. The education is geared toward beginners to the craft. Folks should expect to learn to make nails, hooks, utensils, candle holders, bottle openers, tongs, and a simple knife. Lessons are taught by Forged in Fire's Untested Champion & Guildmaster Sam H. Smith.

Please send us message through our contact us section on the site menu for pricing. Currently Booking December 2021 through March 2022