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Hand forging Iron Blacksmith shop
Teaching Students Blacksmithing
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Custom Ironwork

New Construction, Restoration, General Repairs,
Specialist Repairs
 & Vintage hardware

Tutelage & Mentorship

Tutoring sessions, Guest Apprenticeships, Traditional Apprenticeships, Certificate Exams, Destination Blacksmithing


Shop Tours, Special Events, Portable Workshop


Come on down to our forge in Newfield, we are open til 6pm today! Come see our spring Ironwork! 70 E
Smithing gun locks in Portland. That's the first time since the 19th Century..
Fitting the vine work balustrade to spiral stairs today
An item of my own design, as seen in Maine Home + Design magazine
Bottle opener phenomenon continues! _#maineblacksmithsguild  #maineblacksmith #madeinmaine #american
Today's work, inner balustrade panel for a spiral stair case, no joke challenge without a form
The bracelet saga continues.
Finished hand forged fireplace screen with double doors. Photos of fire dogs to follow shortly
Forging steel bracelets on the waterfront in Rotterdam
Have ourselves a new sign at the entrance to the alley
Forging steel tree balusters #maineblacksmithsguild #maineblacksmith #madeinmaine
Forged Steel coat hangers, so hang me_ You can find these for sale at Loyal Citizen on Fore Street
Our work

What is the Guild?

The Maine Blacksmith's Guild is a private organization which offers a variety of services and outreach to preserve Blacksmithing in the State of Maine for generations to come. Using mainly 19th century & earlier techniques our work catches the spirit of a bygone era, an era which encourages us to use our hands, not machines. Keeping that in mind, the tools of our craft still can be used to break the artistic threshold and break new ground in execution, design, & style.

We maintain several shops across the State to provide service and educational opportunities to every region. We also host a traditional/guest apprenticeship program allowing people who have the will to learn a very applicable and ancient trade. Traditional apprenticeships last from 4-5 years, guest apprenticeships can be shorter, and require a modest commitment. Apprentices who successfully complete their training will earn a certificate and could be assigned a shop by the Guild to work in.  Please keep in mind that our Traditional Apprenticeships are limited and not always available, also, there is a process to selection and can take some time to get the opportunity to interview. For more information on our educational programs see our Services/FAQ section.

If you are someone who like the idea of blacksmithing and travel, then we recommend you check out or destination blacksmithing services. 

The Guild Shops are as follows:

Sokokis Forge, Waterboro- Guild HQ

Valley Forge, Winn

Narramissic Forge, Bridgton

Destination Shops:

Forge under the Mountains, Armação S.C. -Brazil

Castle Forge, Bacharach - Germany

Community Outreach Blacksmithing
Coat of Arms of the Guild
Community Outreach Blacksmithing


Southern Maine HQ:

Sokokis Forge

6 Old Alfred Road

E. Waterboro, ME

Mailing Address:

Box 3

Winn, ME


Open by appointment or chance. Please call or email us to setup a visit.

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Historic Blacksmith Shop
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