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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Guild located?

We are located in the towns of East Waterboro, Bridgton, and Winn and offer all our services at all shops. The Guild also maintains a shop in Germany and a shop in Brazil.

When are you open?

We are open by appointment or chance. Please message or call us to setup an appointment.

We have watched Forged in Fire TV series, what does the Guild think about the show?

We appreciate the awareness it has brought to our craft although we will be the first to say our purist ideology doesn't match with the show.

Where is the Guild willing to work?

Anywhere in the world, for a price.

Are there any Traditional Apprenticeships slots available?

Currently the Guild has no slots open for Traditional Apprenticeship, we are expecting it to be another 12-18 months before an opportunity arises. We do encourage interested folks to explore our Guest Apprenticeship program at this time.

What should my letter of intent include?

What we like to see in your letter of intent is why you want to become a Blacksmith. We want to know how you will use the skills we teach you. We also want you to outline your expectations and also verify you understand what the guild is asking in return. Make sure to cover the 4 year commitment, the weekly commitment, the contract that you will be expected to sign.

Are the Apprenticeships Paid?

Normally they are not. The Guild does have a rule called third in a row which will pay you a daily stipend if found doing the same shop work for a third time in a row or more. We do not want slaves in our Guild and if money is being made we like to share in that profit.  Stipend would depend on your years in the Guild. IE First year apprentice will make $50 a day and a Four Year $150.

What is the fee for a Guest Apprenticeship?

Good Question, currently that fee is $6,500. This is also the same amount traditional apprentices would owe if they broke contract before their four year term was up. As of Dec 15th 2023 fee will increase to $7,200.

What is a Guild?

A Guild in our own words is an institution that provides, protects and educates on behalf of a trade. The Guild system for us has taken the mantle of a business. Thusly we can provide quality ironwork and professional educational opportunities. All the while preserving traditional blacksmith spaces. We also protect the modern market by certifying professional blacksmiths.

What is the Journeyworker's Exam/Certificate?

The Journeyworker's Exam yields a professional certificate which you can use to seek employment in the industry or use to enter the Guild as a Journeyworker with their own shop and getting the perks of being in the Guild.

What is a Journeyworker?

A journeyworker is someone who has made their own tools as a blacksmith and can manipulate iron in every possible fashion under the hammer. You may find a Journeyworker working on their own or for another Blacksmith. Traditionally apprentinces who had completed their training would have to "journey" from place to place to see work hence the title.

Can I join the Guild?

If you want to join the Guild with your own shop and use the Guilds name and seal one must hold a Journeyworkers Certifcate. If one wants to join the Guild and does not have a shop they may apply to lease one of our spaces provided they hold a Journeyworkers Certificate or can pass the Journeyworkers Exam. If you would like to join the Guild other than holding the necessary credentials you may do so by entering our apprenticeship or tutoring program.

What are the "perks" of belonging to the Guild?

First and foremost being apart of the Guild allows unique networking and selling opportunities. Being a registered Journeyworker one can use the Guild name and seal on all their goods and solicitations.  Being in the Guild also allows access to the Guilds Gallery to help market your work. In addition, Guild membership allows you to call for mutual aid so many times in a calendar year from other members either due to illness, injury or periods of a heavy workload. Guild registered Journeyworkers are covered by the Guilds Insurance making it easier to do business.  Lastly, you are allowed access to all Guild events free of charge.

What sort of clothing should I wear in the shop?

You should always have non flammable clothing like cottons or denim, no polyester. You should have long pants that cover the tops of your shoes. No open toe shoes allowed.

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