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Artist Residency 

The Guild has one foreign residency, Forge under the Mountains, located in Florianópolis, Brazil, Santa Catarina Island. The Residency is available for 1 month and 3 month tenures. 

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid passport and have a minimum of one year experience in the trade. Applicants must have 3 professional references and 3 personal references, as well as a letter of intent with scope of work outlined during your stay. In this letter we want you to explain why you would be a good candidate, what brought you to the craft, and what do you intend to do with your knowledge in the future.


 For Residency between the months of April-November must be applied at least 60 days before Residency start date. Residency between December-March require applications are received 120 days before Residency start date.

The Guild provides a humble studio apartment connected/walking distance to a traditional blacksmith shop. There are only limited machines, all the forge work is done by hand using a charcoal forge. All materials are provided.  Artists are required pay a monthly fee before scheduling their Residency and are responsible for their own transportation, foodstuffs and medical care.

The Workshop is brand new, located between the main street and the beach in a fishing town. Artists are permitted to sell their work in the gallery space provided, there is a 20% fee on all sales to help offset the costs of maintaining the residency. Occasionally you may work alongside the Master of the shop or Shop Stewart, but for the most part you will be working alone. The Area is very safe but petty theft is commonplace, mostly in the form of unattended items of value. Applicants who are accepted will be given a proper orientation to the workshop and area to better prepare them for this adventure. 

Cost for Residency $1100/month

Application Fee: $60

Financial Services available to help with costs:

Fees, stipends, and funding for residencies | Artist Communities Alliance

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