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Traditional Apprenticeship

Traditional Apprenticeships are our way of giving back to our craft & the communities we serve. These apprenticeships last four years and are a weekly commitment,  thirty-two hours a month, eleven months out of the year. If chosen for this type of apprenticeship it will require a written contract and the ability to travel internationally. We have an extension shop we staff seasonally in Europe & Brazil; therefore, international travel cannot be restricted. Must be 18 years of age and not a felon, since international travel is a requirement of this posting.


  Letters of Intent needs to be messaged, mailed to the Guild where we will keep them on file for one year. Out of the letters we select candidates for an interview. Once the Interview process is done, the remaining candidates will be invited back to undergo what we call "Blacksmithing Bootcamp" Where we subject the potential apprentice to a whole day of hard, tedious, and menial tasks that we expect all our apprentices to perform throughout their tenure.  At the end of that day if the person makes it and we like that person a formal invitation to be an apprentice will be offered.


   If the contract is broken for conditions outside of said contract the former apprentice will be liable to pay a hefty stipend. The stipend protects the Guild and allows us to bring in extra people to fill that person's spot. The apprentice/shop relationship is as it was in the old days and without apprentices a shop cannot work smoothly and without the shop the apprentices cannot learn. At the end of your four years, you will take the Journeyworkers Exam and are allowed multiple attempts to pass.


Please check out our Apprentice FAQ for more information.

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