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Guest Apprenticeship


Guest Apprenticeships are a unique opportunity for those who do not want to wait for a chance to be considered for the Traditional Apprenticeship. Essentially a 4 year college curriculum centered around the craft & art of Blacksmithing, Guest Apprenticeships require a one time stipend and a written contract. This apprenticeship lasts the same four years as its traditional counterpart but there is no penalty for quitting or testing out early. That being said, while you are an active apprentice in this program you are treated as any other apprentice and respect the seniority of the shop you are assigned. You will still do menial work and learn at the same rate as a traditional apprentice and be expected to work a full day once a week, 48 weeks out of the year.

People interested in pursuing this path need to request an interview. Afterwards, interested candidates will have to take a couple tutoring sessions with us to make sure this is something they want to do. If offered a Guest Apprenticeship after the interview, a large stipend is paid and a contract signed and then that person starts as an Entered Apprentice. At the end of your four years you will have taken the Journeyworkers Exam and you are allowed multiple attempts to pass.

Please view our FAQ for more information.

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