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This side tuyere forge is excellent for all skill levels. This style died out of prominence during the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century and is the only side tuyere forge offered on the market. Guild designed and built completely in house, this forge is easy to assemble and disassemble using #8 Hexagonal head bolts. The entire setup stores and ships flat.


  • Has easy mount for a hand crank bellows or electric centrifigual fan.
  • Electric fan available for purchase as well as a High Temperature finish to protect from rust over time. Options available in purchase window. 


  • Forge is designed to hold fire brick on top of a half inch bed of sand to allow for expansion to protect the forge from the intense heat. For logistical and cost reasons Bricks and Sand not included, but you should be able to procure them affordably & locally. 
  • The Forge can burn Charcoal or Bituminious Coal but works better with a "troth" arrangement of firebrick and burning Charcoal.
  • A good reason to burn Charcoal over Bituminous Coal is firstly less impurities, Charcoal is a pure carbon where Coal is not, which the iron and steel you are working appreciate. Secondly, Charcoal has the odor of a woodfire wheareas Coal releases a lot more irritants into the air. 
  • When we say Charcoal we mean, natural lump charcoal, not the pressed briquettes. 
  • Diamensions: Floor to Forge table 94cm, Forge table 80x60cm, Wind break 50cm tall, Blower mount extends out horizantally 50cm. 

Portable Forge

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